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slow cooker lamb recipe

Since discovering the joys of a slow cooker I have made a few things but none are as easy and delicious as this fall off the bone slow cooker leg of lamb recipe. It is moist, comes off the bone with tongs and tastes incredible.

We are huge potato eaters in our house so we did both crisp skin baked potatoes and roast potatoes with roast vegetables.

This really is a very simple recipe and will please a crowd every time. I did this for 8 people and it was more than enough with left overs for the next day.

What you need

The lamb

2 x 1.5kg leg of lamb

1 x large onion cut into large chunks

4 x cloves garlic flattened with a knife and skin removed

A generous amount of Italian herbs, Salt and black pepper

1/2 liter beef stock

The potatoes and vegetables

8 x nice big potatoes for baking

6 x potatoes peeled and cut into quaters

2 x packs roasting vegetables from Woolies/Dunkeld fruit & veg or similar

Extra carrots, onion pieces and baby broccoli to add to the vegetable selection.

Italian herbs

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Crushed garlic

The process

Place the beef stock, onion chunks and flattened garlic in the slow cooker and set on low. If you have a timer, set it for 12 hours.

Season the legs of lamb with salt, pepper and a generous amount of Italian herbs and pop it in the slow cooker. Put the lid on and leave it for 12 hours.

About 2 hours before your guests arrive, take the lamb out of the slow cooker and place on an oven tray covered with foil.

Set your oven to 200 and place the lamb in the oven.

Peel and cut your roasting potatoes into quaters or 6th’s, nice bite size peices. Boil in water until about 3/4 cooked (soft outside with a semi firm inside). Drain them and let them dry for about 10 mins in the collander. Now place them in a deep roasting dish with a combination of sunflower oil and duck fat, toss them around to be covered in oil and pop them straight into the oven.

Prepare another oven tray with the vegetables for roasting, add salt, pepper and italian herbs. Add about 5 or 6 tablesppons of olive oil, mix the vegetables so they all get a little oil covering and then pop them in the oven about 1 hour from serving.

Now microwave the baked potatoes in batches of 4 for 4 minutes, turn them over and microwave for another 4 minutes. Take the potatoes and put them straing onto the shelf in the oven. anytime they are done is fine, yoiu cant really over cook a baked potato in my mind, jsut turn them over when they are brown and crisp on the outside.

Remove the foil from the lamb for the last 20 minutes, turn up the heat to 240 Celsius to brown the outside.

At this stage take out the vegatables and check that the roast potatoes are well done and golden.

Take some of the liquid left from the lamb and make a gravy, or follow one of these gravy recipes.

You will get compliments, believe me 🙂