tashas creamy bacon and mushroom

Before lockdown we would go to Tasha’s in Hyde Park on the weekends to have their creamy mushrooms and bacon on toast, served with poched eggs. It is such an incredibly tasty meal, we just cannot get enough of it. I didn’t know until recently that each Tashas has one or two items on their menu that you will only find at that restaurant. It is also not on the menu on the website, but believe me, it is available there.

It is very easy to make, takes about 10 minutes and is very close to what they serve at Tasha’s.

This makes 3 generous meals so we always have a spare in case we get peckish during the day.

You don’t have to use as much bacon as we do but I really love bacon… So much so, I registered www.bacon.co.za and a few other domain names of my favourite things, like www.parmesan.co.za 🙂 One day I intend to build something on them

Enjoy it all.

What you need

2 x punnets mushrooms (2 x 250g punnets) quartered
1 x 250g bacon chopped
125ml fresh cream
1 x teaspoon hot english mustard
1 or 2 tablespoons of parmesan or a hard strong cheese.
Pepper to taste

Fried/poached eggs optional

The process

In a pan on a medium to high heat, cook the chopped bacon until about 1/2 cooked. It should shrink a bit and start to darken.

Add the mushrooms and cook until they have reduced in size but are still quite firm. You dont want soft mushy mushrooms.

Season with pepper, add the cream and mustard and let it simmer for about 2 minutes. Add the parmesan or hard cheese and let it simmer for another minute or so.

Turn off the heat (to let it cool a little and thicken the sauce) and make your toast. Whatever your favourite bread is. I have it with Ryye, white and whole wheat… Just depends how I am feeling that day.

We also sometimes put fried eggs on top, but I have come to enjoy the meal without any eggs. Perhaps it’s due to us eating breakfast around 11H00 in lockdown.