Pork roast

Pork roast

This is seriously good and you get the hint of apple in the meat from the apple cider. Roast pork has become a favorite of mine and I just love the way the apple cider seems to permeate the whole roast. Give this pork pot roast a try, you will not regret it.

What you need

1.5kg pork loin
1 bottle apple cider
Course salt
2 Thyme sprigs
1 large onion quartered
1 large carrot roughly chopped
2 sticks celery roughly chopped

The process

Preheat the oven to 220 celsius.

Remove the skin from the pork and set aside. Sprinkle the outside of the pork with course salt, place in an oven proof dish and pour in the cider.

Cook at 220 for 1/2 an hour, then reduce the heat to 160 celsius, add the vegetables and thyme and cook for a further 1 hour. Remove from the dish and set aside for about 20 minutes while you make the gravy from the remaining liquid.

Crackling – Score the skin diagonally with a sharp knife and pour boiling water over it. (It will shrink and go whitish) Pat dry with a cloth, sprinkle with salt and place under the grill to crisp up.

This is so delicious and tender and has a hint of the apples from the cider. Take a look at the list of recipe books I recommend, there is a  recipe book that you will really get great use out of.