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Hot gooey chocolate puddings |

Chocolate puddings

Ever since I first saw Jamie Oliver make these little fellas it became an obsession to get them right and here they are folks, beautiful little chocolate puds with a runny chocolate center. If you are a chocoholic like me, these are definitely for you. (makes 6)

What you need

230g 70% chocolate
4 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 egg yolks
6 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
3 egg whites

The process

If your eggs are in the fridge, take them out at least 20 minutes before you start.

Heat your oven to 200 Celsius and lightly butter 6 rammikins, then dust with cocoa powder and set aside (not the measured cocoa powder).

Break up the chocolate into small pieces (whacking it with a rolling pin does the trick) and place the chocolate and butter into a small pot on a low heat. Heat the mixture, stirring constantly until the chocolate has melted. Now take off the heat, add the vanilla essence and salt, stir well and set aside.

Separate the egg yolks and the whites putting 3 whites aside for use later.

Add the egg yolks to a large bowl and beat the yolks for about 30 seconds. Then add 1/2 the sugar(3 tablespoons) and cocoa powder and beat well until thick and glossy. Now add the chocolate mixture and mix with a metal spoon in a folding motion until blended and thick.

Now in a separate bowl add the 3 egg whites and beat on high until you reach stiff peak stage. (If you lifty the beaters out of the mixture the peak does not collapse), now add the remaining 3 tablespoons sugar and beat until smooth and glossy as if you were making meringues.

Add the egg whites to the chocolate mixture and fold in gently with a metal spoon. It must be evenly combined with a few white streaks. Spoon into the rammikins about 3/4 full.

Place in the oven for 12 to 14 minutes or until the tops are cracked.

Serve immediately in or out of the rammikins. If you are removing them from the rammikins, allow them to cool for a few minutes then slide a sharp thin knife around the edges first. Serve with a little vanilla ice cream or fresh beaten cream.

These are seriously good.

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12 Responses to “Hot gooey chocolate puddings”

  1. Arianne says:

    I was just wondering if this recipe will work in a big pan instead of little ramekins? And could i use caremel chocolate instead of just normal?

    • Graham says:

      Hi Arianne, this won’t work in a large pan, the center will be too liquid. Give them a try though, they are great.. Cheers for now G

  2. Sheree says:

    Hi Graham, just found this recipe now of yours and am going to try it tonight. Sounds heavenly. Thanks a mil.

  3. Tessa says:

    Hi Graham,

    I assume there’s nothing between “white streaks” and “place in oven” except ‘pour into ramekins’?

    Do you think this recipe would work in a muffin pan (with more, smaller, puddings?)

    Thank you, this sounds awesome.

    • Graham says:

      Hi Tessa, quite right and thanks for pointing it out, I have added that step. I can’t see any reason why it won’t work in a muffin pan, just be aware tthat they rise quite a lot and could get a bit messy on the pan. Enjoy it and cheers for now G

  4. Renz says:

    Hi G

    So when you say 70% chocolate…u mean Lindt or is there a cheaper version I can purchase? What about using dark chocolate like albany?


    • Graham says:

      Hi Renz, the better the chocolate the better the pud. There are quite a few different dark chocolates these days, just check the package to see the cocoa% must be between 65% and 75%. Have a lekker day G

  5. Desire says:


    I prepared a special supper for my hubby and me and ended it off with this chocolate pudding. It was heavenly! We both had two servings. Thank you very much for making my evening wonderful.

  6. Di says:

    I have always wanted to try these. Definitely want to try this recipe this weekend – hold thumbs!!

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