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Bacon and cheese muffins |

Bacon and cheese muffins

Bacon and cheese muffins

These bacon and cheese muffins are great for quick breakfasts and anytime snacks. You can make them with or without the chives but the chives make them a really fantastic savoury muffin. You can also throw in a handful of corn kernels instead of the chives which makes a nice change. I have been known to smother a version that excludes the chives in butter and strawbeery jam… (12 deep muffins or about 20 shallow muffins)

What you need

6 slices bacon chopped and fried
3 melted tablespoons butter
Handful of chopped fresh chives
2 cups cake flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
pinch of salt
2 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup grated cheddar cheese

The process

Heat your oven to 190 Celsius and butter up your muffin tins. You can use cookie papers but the cheese tends to stick to them so butter the muffin tins is a better option.

After melting the butter, remove from the heat and drop in the chopped chives, mix and set aside to cool slightly.

In a bowl add the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt and mix with a spoon slightly.

In a separate large bowl add the eggs and milk and give a light whisking, then add the butter and chive mixture, the grated cheese and chopped bacon pieces. Give it a good mix to combine.

Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture and stir with a spoon in a folding motion until combined.

Fill the muffin tins to 2/3 full, pop into the oven and bake for 20 minutes or so until the tops are golden brown.

Remove them from the tins and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Variations: substitute chives for corn kernels.
Fancy it up: Sprinkle a few bacon pieces over the top before going into the oven.

Enjoy them folks.

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15 Responses to “Bacon and cheese muffins”

  1. Patricia Wood says:

    Hi Graham, could the butter be substituted with oil?

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi G,

    What a fantastic recipe! Made them for
    home and for office at 4 a.m. this morning. Quick and delicious. Added the mustard as you do in your cheese muffins. The oohs and the aahs. Thanks a mil G. Even my daughter said she could “taste the love” in them.

    • Graham says:

      Hi Barbara, so glad to hear from you again. “taste the love” in them makes it all worth it I imagine.. Have a fabulous day G

  3. Sal says:

    Hi Graham

    The dreaded question 🙂 can these be frozen? I have twin teenage sons who eat me out of house so I’m always looking for something that I can make in bulk!! 🙂

  4. shanell says:

    Hi,im 13 and i apsolutly love to cook my mom says i have a gift that i know how to cook all these amazing things but my prob is she dosent want me to cook cuz she says i dont wash up and i really want to cook these recipys…
    Oh these recipes look AMAZING!!!DO u have facebook?

  5. Tatum says:

    Hi Graham

    Just have to thank you for your AMAZING recipes! I am a “newbie” in the kitchen and have never enjoyed sticking to recipes… until now. Last night I made your chicken soup and I can’t stop bragging about it!! This morning I left my boyfriend to make your bacon and cheese muffins and he smsed me now to say they are so delicious he can’t stop eating them!

    Thanks again… you’re a genius!

    Can’t wait to try out more of your recipes!

  6. Marlisa says:

    This recipe is excellent, I made it last night and my mother couldn’t get enough. Brought some to work today and everyone wanted the recipe!

    • Graham says:

      Thanks Marlisa, they are great to have around hey.. Don’t forget to tell them where you got it 😉 Cheers for now G

  7. Pat Wood says:

    Hi, Nice to have you back after the holiday season & with such a delicious recipe as always!

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