condensed milk fudge recipe

Condensed milk fudge

During the holidays, my kids often make things to sell to the neighbourhood and this one is a winner every time. For a little something extra and double the price, cover ithe fudge with a thin layer of chocolate like in the chocolate caramel slice.

What you need

800g sugar
250g butter
250ml milk
250ml condensed milk
10ml vanilla essence

The Process

Simmer sugar, butter and milk together over medium heat, in a medium sized pot, until the sugar dissolves.

Stir in the condensed milk and boil for 40 mins, stirring constantly.

Remove from stove and beat in the vanilla essence with an electric beater on slow while it is very hot. Continue beating on a higher speed until the mixture is thick and foamy.

Pour the fudge mixture into a shallow backing tray, lined with grease proof paper.

Allow to set and cut into squares.