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Coconut ice

Coconut Ice

Go back to your childhood with this fabulous coconut ice recipe. I remember having coconut ice from little general dealer shops on the Natal North Coast way back when and from Sacks corner in Parkmore. (That should give you an idea of how old I am!) It’s a really easy coconut ice recipe that your kids will be forever indebted to you for. Try it for school fetes or those other school occasions, it never fails to please and for some reason we only have it when on holiday! What is that all about?

What you need

400g desiccated coconut
500g icing sugar
1 tin condensed milk (400g)
A few drops of red food coloring

The process

Combine the coconut icing sugar in a large bowl, add the condensed milk and mix well.

Tint with a few drops of the food coloring and mix until you get the color you like.

Turn the mixture out onto a baking tray, press down and cut into squares before it gets too hard.

Leave to harden for about ½ hour.

Make another batch but don’t add the coloring and simply place over the top to get the layered effect.