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borewors-recipeSometimes only a boerewors roll will satisfy the hunger! If you have ever been driving around and racked your brain for the location of that guy making boerie rolls outside the supermarket or the butcher in the middle of the day and have traveled about 10km to find one, then you know you are a born and bred South African!

The rest of you may not quite understand the simple pleasure of biting down on a boerewors roll but for those of you who do understand, the next step is guaging the quality of the wors. Make your own and have that SA experience every time ๐Ÿ™‚

What you need

2Kg Stewing beef or silver side
1.5 kg pork belly
20g Whole coriander
2ml Ground cloves
2ml Grated nutmeg
30g Salt
5ml Freshly ground black pepper
100ml White vinegar

The process

Pop the coriander into a hot pan and toss it around for while until you smell that beautiful coriander fragrance quite strongly. Pop it into a pestle and mortar grind it down to a powder, removing any husks and then combine with the rest of the spices.

Cut all of the meat into small chunks and combine with the spices. Put the meat and spice mixture through a grinder or a food processor (make small batches if you are using a food processor). Now add the vinegar to the minced meat and mix thoroughly.

Set it aside for about 1/2 an hour to combine nicely.

Stuff meat lightly into casings and get the braai ready!