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Bangers and mash |

bangers and mash recipe

Bangers and mash

Bangers and mash with a tomato and onion gravy is the easiest and tastiest recipe thanks to tinned tomato and onion mix. You can use pork or beef sausages, tastes just as good. You really must give this a try, it will become a regular in your household, simple tasty home style food.

Lets call it African Bangers and Mash, the British bangers and mash uses a brown gravy, here we are giving it some real flavour. This, along with the Scotch egg recipe need good quality sausages and the Woolies porkers or the Escort sausages are the ones you need. Over December I got some porkers from Checkers in Seapoint and they were truly terrible. (3 or 4 people)

What you need

8 pork or beef sausages
1 tin tomato and onion mix or chopped tomatoes
6 strips bacon chopped

5 or 6 large potatoes
butter (1 or 2 tablespoons)
milk (approx 100ml)
Salt and pepper

The process

Start by peeling your potatoes and cutting them into 8ths, place them in boiling water to cook while you prepare the sausages.

Cook your sausages in a pan on a medium to high heat until nicely browned. When you are half way through cooking the sausages, add the bacon and cook through.

Turn you stove to low and add the tomato mix to the pan and allow to simmer for about 4 or 5 minutes. You want the tomato gravy to reduce a little.

Drain off the potatoes when they are nice and soft and mash very well adding about 100ml milk and a heaped tablespoon of butter and seasoning to the mash. The secret to light and fluffy mash is quite simple, mash, mash mash and stir stir stir. Get someone else involved in the mashing if need be, there is something really good about smooth light mashed potatoes.

This is a really good and economical meal that you will love. It’s weekday cooking at it’s best, easy, economical and quick.

Another great pub style recipe is the rare beef with dipping sauce, try it!

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6 Responses to “Bangers and mash”

  1. Earle says:

    Hi Graham, whenever I braai, I always add about 2 dozen pork sausages or bangers to the braai. I also add extra boerie, that I have turned into sausage shapes. Then they get packed into portions in the freezer. Amazing how quick it is to make bangers and mash this way. If bacon is needed, just nuke it and add it to the sauce. Keep up the good work!

  2. nombuso says:

    Dat a cool recipe ever easy and its saves time.thank u

  3. Ron says:

    Very cool recipe, thanks! I’ve been looking for a way to get my wife to do the gravy thing, I usually make it on the side and she never touches any!
    On the “light and fluffy mash”, I’ve learned that starting them in a pot of cold water takes much longer 🙁 but cooks the potatoes very evenly! Also I throw mine onto the cutting board and leave them to steam a bit before mashing, the water content does make all the difference. Lastly a quarter teaspoon of baking powder will always sort them out nicely!
    Thanks again!

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