rump steak with green peppercorn sauce

Rump Steak with Green peppercorn Sauce

If you are a meat eater you have probably had a creamy green peppercorn sauce at a restaurant at some stage and this is my take on it. Its decadent and delicious.
What you need

2 tablespoons cognac
1.2 cup of white wine
200ml cream
1 tablespoon bottled green peppercorns

The process

In the pan that you ave cooked your seasoned steak, pour in the cognac and wine to deglase the pan and stir around for about 30 seconds.

Add the cream and peppercorns and heat through for about 1 minute.

Thats it, spoon it over your steaks and savour the rich creamy sauce.

My favourite cuts of meat are 1. Rib Eye, 2. Fillet and 3. Rump