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Steamed garlic prawns

Steamed garlic prawns

This is the easiest garlic prawn recipe you will come across and is extremely tasty. I love to serve it with a simple vegetable stir fry that has a large handful of bean sprouts tossed into it instead of carrots. They are steamed and by far the best steamers are the bamboo steamers that you get at any oriental supermarket. (for 2 on their own or 4 with another Chinese dish, try the pineapple duck)

What you need

400 – 500g large prawns cleaned and without heads
2 heaped teaspoons crushed garlic
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon rice wine or sherry
1 teaspoon olive oil
good grinding of black pepper

The process

Get some water boiling furiously on the stove or your steamer really sending it.

On a plate that will fit inside your steamer you want to layer your prawns covering the entire plate.

Whisk together all of the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl to really combine the flavours and then pour the sauce over the prawns evenly, leaving nice little mounds of galic on the top.

Place the plate into your steamer carefully being careful not to burn yourself. You may want to remove the steamer first or take off the layer for the plate if you are using an electric steamer.

Steam them for 3/4 minutes or so until they are pink and firm.

The tricky part is removing the plate without burning yourself so be careful.

Thats it, fantastic fresh garlic prawns. You can also chop up a handful of coriander leaves to top it off if you are serving it with rice or yellow rice.

If you do burn yourself the best thing to do is to mix bicarb of soda with water from the tap into a thick paste and cover the burn. It’s amazing, it takes away the sting immediately.