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Deep fried calamari

Deep fried calamari

Here is another fantastic and simple calamari recipe, if you have any calamaro rings left over from marinating for you salad make some deep fried calamari rings to dip into tartare sauce as another calamari antipasti or as a meal with a side salad and a some crisp potato wedges.

What you need

1kg calamari rings
1 egg beaten
2 tablespoons milk
2 cups breadcrumbs (for this recipe, bought breadcrumbs are best)

The process

Heat oil in a pot for frying, you want about 5cm of oil at least.

Beat together the egg and the milk in a bowl and drop in the calamari rings, shake them about a bit to cover all of the calamari in egg.

Place the ½ of the breadcrumbs on a large plate, take the calamari out of the egg and shake of excess egg. Then place them on the plate and cover with the remaining breadcrumbs.

Press the breadcrumbs onto the calamari rings with your fingertips to ensure that the stick well.

Drop the coated calamari rings into the oil in batches and deep fry until they are golden brown and crisp. You will have to turn them to get them evenly browned and crisp on both sides.

Remove from the oil and drain on absorbent paper.

Here is the marinated calamari recipe.