homemade  lemonade

Home made lemonade

We’ve all seen those lemonade stalls and cartoons and fresh lemonade really appeals to me so I thought I would give it a go and I really enjoyed it. It’s fresh minty and sweet and a refreshing change from canned drinks.

What you need

2 limes
1 lemon
180 sugar
1 ½ cups water
1 l soda water
Mint leaves

The process

Cut the lemon and limes in half, toss them into a sturdy bowl with the sugar and water. Use a mortar or base of a bottle to mash as much as possible.

Keep mashing and moving around until you have got as much of the pult from the fruit as possible and the sugar is melted.

Strain the mixture into a glass jug with some ice and a few sprigs of mint, add the soda water, give it a stir and you are done.

Great for hot days around the braai and add a little Vodka for a take on a Mojito.