Champagne cocktail

It’s celebration time! New years celebrations mean one thing, and that is lots and lots of champagne. Try these champagne cocktails for some variety. There is a sweet one, a dark one, a traditional champagne cocktail and then the good old Mimosa.

Traditional Champagne cocktail

1 sugar cube
1 teaspoon brandy
Chilled champagne
cherry to garnish

Place the sugar cube in the glass and pour over the teaspoon of brandy, Fill with bubbles.

Kir Royale Champagne cocktail

1/2 shot kir royale
Cherry to garnish

Fill a glass with champagne and the pour in the Kir Royale, drop in a glace cherry.

Black velvet

Stout or guiness

Fill the glass to 1/2 with champagne and then top with stout or guiness


The old favorite, 1/2 champagne and half orange juice.

Have a fnatstic time over New year!