pears and walnut

Pear Walnut Dessert

These are good as a dessert and are also really great with strong cheeses or as part of a cold summer lunch platter of cheeses, cold meats and salads. I saw Nigella do these and they were so simple I just had to try them and must say they are really fantastic.

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What you need

2 or 3 pears cut into 8ths
125ml marsala
2 tablespoons honey
Handful of unsalted walnuts

The process

Wash and dry the pears and cut into 8ths.

Brown them in a non stick pan on a medium heat with a tiny bit of oil.

Combine the Marsala and honey together, mix and pour into the pan with the pears. Allow to simmer until the pears are soft and the sauce has turned a little sticky.

Remove the pears and add the walnuts. Toss the walnuts to coat with the sticky sauce and heat through.

Remove and combine with the pears.

They become very stick and seriously delicious.

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