fresh fruit

Apricot Crumble

This is a classic and very quick dessert that is very versatile. You can add a few strawberries or goosberries as well for a change and the crumble topping comes out with a nice crunch that is sweet and so very moreish.

What you need

15-20 fresh apricots
2-3 tablespoons castor sugar

180g soft butter (room temp)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
100g castor sugar
200g flour

The process

Halve and remove the seeds from the apricots, then place in an oven proof dish that has been lightly buttered, sprinkle over the 2 tablespoons castor sugar and bake at 180 Celsius for about 5 minutes to soften them up slightly while you make the crumble.

Add all of the crumble ingredients together and rub the butter in with your hands.

The crumble topping should be fairly course but not dry.

Cover the apricots with the crumble mixture and bake for a further 20-25 minutes until the crumble begins to brown.

Serve with ice cream or double thick cream.

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