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Chinese chicken and corn soup |


Chicken corn soup

If you have never had chicken and corn soup at a Chinese restaurant or takeout you are really missing something. What I really like about it is hat I can add toppings to it like crisp bacon pieces and chopped spring onions to make it a complete meal. It is great as a starter before one of the quick and easy Chinese recipes. The part I found took a little practice was getting the consistency of the egg right but it’s not the end of the world. (this is for 6 people)

What you need

6 cups chicken stock
400g tin creamed sweet corn
2 cups cooked chicken in small cubes or shredded
2 tablespoon maizena
4 tablespoons Cold water
2 Egg whites beaten till loose, not frothy

The process

In a large pot, add the stock and sweet corn, bring to the boil and reduce to a simmer.

Add the chicken cubes, stir and then mix together the maizena and water, pour into the soup and allow to simmer for about 4 or 5minutes with the lid off.

Beat the eggs well and then with a spoon swirl the mixture and pour in the egg slowly. This will create the long strings of egg you want.

That’s it, glossy Chinese Chicken and corn soup.

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10 Responses to “Chinese chicken and corn soup”

  1. Juan says:

    This soup is awesome, thank you

  2. skiwwels says:

    I also add a packet of chicken noodle soup to the stock. Baie lekker!

  3. Janice says:

    One of my favourite things to have at a Chinese restaurant! Can’t wait to make at home…

  4. Authentic Chinese Recipes says:

    this soup looks great. chicken and corn are easy to find. i will try it this weekend. thanks graham!

  5. Shaad says:

    I used 4 mash potato and i add some spices like
    turmeric, lil bit of chilly powder, braise onions with some pure butter with garlic and ginger paste and 4 grated tomatoes with 2 green chillies to spruce it up abit. Devine!

  6. Rania says:

    Fantastic soup

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