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Chinese Ginger fish fillets

Steamed fish fillets with  ginger and a Soy dressing are really tasty and have a fantastic oriental flavor. They take just 15 minutes to prepare, is a healthy meal and you will swear you are in your local Chinese restaurant.

What you need

4 fish fillets (Hake, kingklip or any white fish)
5cm piece fresh grated ginger
2 spring onions finely sliced strips


150ml light soy sauce
150ml chicken stock
2 tablespoons brown sugar

The process

Place the fish on a plate that will fit into your steamer. (If you don’t have a bamboo steamer go and get one! they are cheap and can be used for so many great recipes and of course steaming vegetables is far better than boiling)

Top the fish fillets with the grated ginger and spring onions, place in the steamer that is simmering fast and allow to steam for 8-10 minutes.

While the fish is steaming, add all of the sauce ingredients to a small pot and bring to the boil. Immediately remove from the heat.

Once the fish is cooked, place each piece onto a plate with the ginger and spring onions still on top and spoon over a generous amount of the sauce.

Simple as that, serve with rice in a separate bowl or some stir fried vegetables for a healthy and tasty meal.

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