summer chicken salad

chicken salad

This is a great little chicken salad recipe with a summer twist that will have your family and friends going back again and again. It’s been so hot lately, I thought I’d make a chicken salad with some fruit. It’s really foolproof and fantastically fresh and delicious, Ideal for hot days so give it a try, you will love it. (makes 4 servings so double it up if need be)

What you need

Red apples and strawberries, same weight as the chicken 500g in this case
1 lemon
150ml light mayonnaise
3 or 4 spring onions
500g Chicken breast
mixed bag of salad greens
Handful of rocket leaves

The process

Cut the chicken breasts as if you were to butterfly them so that you have thinner pieces to cook, season with salt and pepper and then fry the chicken breasts in a little olive oil on a medium heat, and leave to cool on a plate. (they will continue to cook through while cooling and will be moist and succulent.

Skin and cube the apples into small pieces (say 2cm cubes) and place in a bowl. Squeeze a little lemon juice over them to prevent them from turning brown. Add 1 tablespoon of mayo and a twist of black pepper, mix and set aside.

Slice the celery and spring onions finely, halve the strawberries and mix together with the apples. Stir in the rest of the mayonnaise and make sure that everything is coated with the mayo mix.

Cube or shred the chicken breasts into similar size pieces and mix it all together.

Place some of the greens on a plate, spoon over some of the mixture and then pretty it up a bit by scattering some of the fine greens on top and serve with a french loaf or warmed traingles of pita bread. YUM

You can also add different fruits or nuts, walnuts to replace the strawberries is fantastic, a bit of sweet melon, watermelon or really any fruit you like will make it your own.

Try some of the other fabulous chicken recipes or serve this with the Eton mess as a dessert for the perfect summer meal.