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Nigella Lawson

Nigella is too gorgeous and this first book I bought just because of the cover picture. No, I have never had a restraining order from her and I’m not a stalker! She’s just a gorgeous woman who cooks!

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Nigella’s Christmas has got be Nigella at her best. This is a collection of traditional English Christmas recipes that have Nigella’s signature uncomplicated and easy to cook way about the. She truly is a godess in the kitchen, what would we do without her? This is a must have Christmas entertaining book.

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This book is fantastic! You want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen during the warm summer months and enjoy the fabulous bounty that the world offers up from the garden, taste fresh food like you have never experienced it, you are likely to instill a love of vegetables into your children with this book.

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In a New York Times interview this is what she had to say¬†“I am not a chef…My qualification is as an eater”. Gotta love it! These recipes are really simple, although she does use some exotic ingredients that are quite difficult to find in SA, but well worth a read. It’s homestyle cooking fancied up.

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nigellaThis is a real treat, every recip[e you ever wanted for cakes, cookies, biscuits, hot desserts and a fantastic book to have around if you have kids. Beware of this one if you are dieting, the pictures will melt away your resolve and you will be tucking into all sorts of delectable treats.

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nigella feastNeed a great festive recip[e for Easter, Christmas, Hanukah or any other special occasion? Then this is the book for you. It has an amazing selection of recipes for any occasion. Keep[ it in your collection, you will not be sorry. Any day is a good day to celebrate!

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nigella expressFast food does not mean greasy burgers and Indian food from the local take out. In this book Nigella offers up 130 fantastic recipes that can all be in in about 20 minutes. It’s a must have book for any busy family. It’s all about great food really quickly with little or no hassle.

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nigella's biographyThe only book written about herself and released in 2006. All the questions you ever wanted to ask this extraordinary woman answered. This is her story of personal tragedy and public success, studded with a cast of celebrity friends and family. She is not a trained chef, but a serious food lover.

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