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Low GI

Low GI dieting is all the rage right now and certainly far more scientific than the many other diets out there. The Glycemic index is used to measure the impact of the foods we out on our blood sugar. Low GI foods take longer to digest and do not have the effect of quickly raising blood sugar. The effect is a more sustained release of energy to your body resulting in a lowered need for food intake to satisfy your body.

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This 12 week diet plan will have you dropping kilos at a rate of knots. Personally I have seen a friend drop 5kg in the first 2 weeks and an amazing 15 kilos in 3 months sticking rigidly to this diet. After the first week your stomach will ave shrunk and the diet becomes a walk in the park. prepare for summer and have a fantastic time.

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Some of the tastiest food has it’s roots in the mediterranean, now learn to eat a healthy diet and love the food. Mediterranean cuisine and GI dieting are a proven match made in culinary heaven. Whether it be savory Italian pastas and wines or exotic dishes from everywhere between Marrakech and Marathon.

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This book explains in plain English all you need to know about GI dieting along with a selection of delicious recipes and suggestions for what to use in place of high GI food.

Low GI is a way of life and with some guidance, delicious meals are easy and very healthy.

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This book deals more specifically with the control of diabetes through diet and is a handbook for those who wish to follow a low GI lifestyle. The effect of diet on our health has seen enormous amounts of research being produced. Eat right, stay healthy.

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Healthy living, sustained weight loss and a healthier life altogether is the theme of this book.

A great introduction to the GI system of eating with some very encouraging aspects to keep you on the diet plan.

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Written by authorities on the GI eating plan, Jennie Brand-Miller and Kaye Foster-Powell, this book claims to be the authoritive source for GI dieting and the control of metabolism through diet. It is full of research and guides you to an understanding of the benefits of eating right.

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Written by Rosemary Conly in 2008, this GI diet system combines 2 of her best selling and effective diets into one.

It is a no fuss diet regimen with a low fat, high energy diet and includes a whole lot of low fat easy to prepare low GI recipes.

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Living in the fast lane and don’t have the time to follow a diet, well best selling author Rick Gallop has done it all for you.

Dieting has never been easier with this book of Low GI foods that are sure to keep off the extra pounds.

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Living like a king with Diabetes. Living with diaetes and eating well are 2 things were in the past not associated. Now in this well researched special diet series from Murdoch, you can eat tasty and delicious food while taking care of your diatetes. Don’t suffer with diabetes, live well with diabetes.

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Food with a high glycemic index give your body a rush of energy that soon dissipates with the result that you get hungry in a short space of time. Low GI diets should not be called diets simply because we associate “diet” with weight loss. Now this is not to say that going on a low GI eating plan won’t help you lose weight, it is simply a way of eating that supplies your body with a constant flow of energy.

To give you an idea, high GI cereal would be something like Rice krispies and a low GI cereal would be All bran. OR high GI bread would be a bagel and low GI would be wholewheat bread. Most friut and vegetables would be low GI with the exception of things like pumpkin, dates or bananas. Most of it is pretty much common sense but cooking these foods is where it becomes more problematic… sauces with cream or sugar are no no’s.

Low GI diets are reputed to help reduce the risk of getting diabetes as well as offering weight loss and sustained energy. certainly more than a diet and a way of life.

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