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These are some of the greatest recipe books ever printed and what I really like about them is that they are all tested in the test kitchens of AWW and you can be sure that each and every one of them works and are generally easy to make.

I have a whole heap of these softcover books and this selection are what I recommend for every kitchen. They are reasonably priced and have full colour illustrations. AWW has sold more than 60 million copies of their recipe books and continue to sell them for us lucky fellows.

There are great themed books, like chicken only recipes, curries, baking, party food etc and I have included a few of my favorite ones here.

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Chefs in the test kitchens of Australians womans weekly have copiled this fabulous selection of their favorite recipes. This one is great to have for when you have guests coming over and you need foolproof recipes that will impress and don’t take hours to prepare.

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Possibly the most popular AWW recipes that there are. Chicken weekdays and weekends has a fantastic selection of chicken recipes, over 120 pages of simple, straight forward everyday chicken meals for home cooking. It’s only R65 or so and is a real steal, start your collection here.

Get Chicken, weekdays and weekends

Main meals only by Susan Tomnay for Australian womans weekly is fantastic. There is a freat selection of easy recipes that you can use any day of the week. Never again will your family be bored of the food you present to them, you may just get the rest of them into the kitchen.

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From those of you who have been following my cookbook, you will know that I love spicy food and Thai is one of my favorites.  There are a few ingredients like fish sauce that you must have, so go get some and have a ball. This recipe book has some fantastic Thai classics including the peanut sauce for chicken satay. It’s a must for Thai lovers.

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Pasta recipes that are really simple, the way Italian food is meant to be. These pasta sauces I have featured in a few recipes on this site and you will be really happy with this great collection of pasta sauce recipes. Try them with all kinds of pasta, they are great.

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Well, you all know from my recipes that more often than not, I don’t like to spend hours preparing food but love preparing food that is as good as you will get in any restaurant. Fast has a great selection of complete meals, all in under 35 minutes. This is a winner!

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This is a great book to have in the summer or ideal for holiday cooking(It’s 160 page soft cover that you can slip into your suitcase no problem) Seared Tuna, easy and delicious salads, barbecue recipes and a host of other real simple and fresh, healthy recipes. Picnic recipes and quick stuff for the beach.

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This is every day cooking at it’s best. A really great selection of fully illustrated recipes that you can use any day of the week. Soups, starters, meat, salad and fish recipes. It’s a really great book to give someone moving into a new place or for kids leaving home.

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This is low fat cooking that is really delicious. Having had teenage girls in the house this one really came in handy. The food is simple with short ingredient lists that are enhanced with dressings and spices. There are some real treats in here for anyone following a low fat diet.

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Great classic recipes from around the world, Chinese, British, Indian, Italian, French, North American and Japanese classic recipes. Take your family on a culinary trip around the globe, you will really love this book for it’s variety. Never a dull meal in your home again and you will have a whole bunch of new best friends stopping by for a chat!!!

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This is another one of those classic recipe books that should be in everyones collection. A wide variety of meals from soups and starters to fish meat and fabulous dessert recipes. The seafood and vegetarian recipes in this book are particularly good. This is a great book to start off your collection, and believe me you will become a collector.

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This is the epitomy of the way I like to cook. Good food fast, is there any other way to start cooking? Great pasta dishes, including some Thai noodle recipes which are just awesome. Quick chicken dinners and a host of other really fantastic stuff. The book is really well illustrated and gets your mount watering just paging through to decide what to eat.

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