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Smoked Snoek or Trout pate

Smoked Snoek or Trout pate

Snoek pate is really a favourite of mine that I make whenever I am in the Cape. This is a really easy smoked fish pate recipe that works well with smoked trout or snoek. Don't confuse smoked snoek with the dried and smoked version, you want a freshly smoked snoek that...

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Rich bacon and mushroom sauce

This is a classic sauce for those who love bacon, it's rich, creamy and the smells coming out of the kitchen are sure to make any not so hungry kids, starving. The smell of frying bacon just seems to have that effect! It is best served with penne, which holds the...

Beef stroganoff

Beef stroganoff takes just 10 to 15 minutes to prepare and in a little over half an hour you can can present a truely delicious meal to meal to your family that any restaurant would be proud to serve. This is for 2 large servings which could feed 2 adults and 2 small...

Malva pudding

This is soooo good and one of my all time favourite dessert recipes. Malva pudding is more of a winter dessert but if you have family that love food as much as we do and rich, hot, tasty desserts(not for weight watchers) that will take weeks of exercise to work off...

Lemon Meringue pie

This lemon meringue pie recipe is a great old recipe from a school recipe book! Never fails and well worth it. I am all about easy recipes and lemon meringue pie made this way is both easy and delicious and will even impress your mother in law! Lemon meringue pies...

Kingklip in white wine sauce

There are few things as simple as a nice piece of fish to prepare a fast and fabulous meal. You can substitute the kinglip for any type of fish, its really about the sauce with your favorite white fish.

Traditional shortbread

These are so good and everyone should make them for their Moms and Grans, they will be eternally grateful. This makes a lot of shortbread so halve the recipe if you need to.

Choc chip cookies

Here is an unofficial recipe for Mrs Fields chocolate chip cookies which has been doubled because you are gonna love them.

Quick cassata

This is a wonderful dessert which can be used as an impressive end to a very important dinner, a kids birthday party or as a dessert for the family.

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles have got to be the simplest, most delicious and imoressive little balls of bliss you could ever make for anyone. Valentines day will never be the same again once you can convince who you made them for, that you actually made them yourself.

Tomato bredie

This is really yummy and you will need a good amount of fresh bread to mop up the sauce. Try to keep a little for the next day, somehow it just tastes better the next day. it's about as close to home style boere comfort food that you get so for those of you living...