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Russell Hobbs Electronic Bread Maker ,
Bread makers are just the best thing to have in the house in winter. Fresh bread daily and a home filled with the smells of freash baked bread… say no more
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Russell Hobbs Dual Pot Slow Cooker ,
Slow cooking is simply the best way to get through winter meals. Hearty stews with tender meat and always a delicious something in the fridge.
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Russell Hobbs Hand Mixer,
A good quality hand mixer is a really essential kitchen appliance. If you have never had one, you won’t know yourself.
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Russell Hobbs Glass Coffee Maker ,
This is a really stylish coffee maker and if you love that first cup of coffee in the morning and the smell of brewing coffe, this is a must.
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Russell Hobbs Kitchen Scale ,
A scale is essential for baking, don’t risk a flopped cake or a batter that is too thin, just get a scale already.
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Russell Hobbs Stick Blender Combo ,
Rubberised grip handle, all attachments are stainless steel, Includes calibrated mixing jug, High and Low speed settings, Anti Splatter on blending tool
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Russell Hobbs Quiet Boil Kettle ,
Polished stainless steel body and spout, Soft touch handle, Water gauge, Illuminated On/Off switch, 1.7L capacity
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Russell Hobbs Coffee Machine,
This is the real thing.. Removable 2Lt water reservior. 300g coffee been reservior cup capacity, 2 level aroma selector, 7 grinding levels
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Russell Hobbs Digital Deep Fryer ,
Deep frying can be messy work and for the very best results, the oil temperature is essentail… No more mess and perfect results every time.
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Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Toaster Toaster,
TOASTEC system crisps bread rapidy on the outside, keeping it moist in the centre. If you need a new toaster get this one, you won’t regret it. Excellent gift!
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Russell Hobbs Water Cooler ,
A home water cooler using BRITA filters for cleaner, clearer and cold water on tap. Really nice to have in your home.
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Russell Hobbs Black Pack ,
A stylish set of toaster and kettle. 1.7l kettle and wide slot toaster. These will look fantastic on your kitchen counter, Black or stainless steel.
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