teriyaki salmon

This Chinese food classic is just melt in the mouth tender from marinating. We usually have this as a starter but can be a fabulous main dish.

What you need

650g fresh salmon fillet
Oil for frying


1 teaspoon caster sugar
1 teaspoon dry white wine
1 teaspoon sherry/rice wine
2 tablespoons soy sauce

The process

Mix all of the marinade ingredients together until the sugar dissolves.

Cut the fresh salmon into strips about 2cm thick, pour over the teriyaki sauce and let it marinade for 15-20 minutes.

Heat a Wok or frying pan on max on your stove, add a little oil, drain the marinade from the salmon and stir fry the marinated salmon for about 3 minutes in batches.

Serve with a little watercress on the side.

Simple, tasty Chinese food.