Enrista Instant pleasure

I can often be found in coffee shops in and around Joburg and am a coffee lover through and through so when Enrista approached me to review their products which are 3 in one premixed sachets of coffee and hot chocolate and the unsweetened 2 in 1 coffees I jumped at the opportunity because as you all well know, I am one for simple, quick and easy. I have also come up with 2 great recipes which you will be able to try so keep a look out, one is a dessert I’m calling chococino cloud… it’s not to be missed.

The first coffee I tried was the 3 in 1 strong coffee and I was delighted, it was a nice strong coffee with just enough creamer and the equivelent of a little less than than 1 teaspoon of sugar that needed absolutely no attention for me to enjoy it. The smooth flavour was really quite a surprise as I have experienced instant coffees that are quite bitter but this one really fit the bill, so I settled down with my coffee, turned on the tele, brought the heater up close and enjoyed a movie with a perfect steamy cup of coffee.

The next Enrista 3 in 1 I tried was the regular and on this one I am completely sold, the creaminess is what you would expect from a hot chocolate, it is a lot sweeter than the strong coffee thoroughly enjoyed it, in fact I now pop 2 sachets in my pocket on the way to work for a great first cup every day.

The coffees are a little over R2.00/cup and worth every penny.

The 2 in one regular coffee is for those who like unsweetened or only a little sugar and the creamy flavour is carried through. These are a real treat with my favourite being the 3 in 1 regular.

I don’t think I have had hot chocolate for a few months now and in the pack of Enrista products there were, and I emphasise “were”, 10 hot chocolates and 10 white hot chocolates for me try. Don’t get me wrong there is seldom a day that goes by when I do not eat chocolate and the minute I opened the rich dark chocolate packaging I knew I was in for a treat. I truly enjoyed every sip of the rich chocolate flavour and have treated myself to one at least 3 times a week since receiving the package.

The white hot chocolate was something completely different that I did enjoy but have to say the dark hot chocolate is by far my favourite so I asked a friends 12 year old daughter to try them and they really hit the spot with her and her friends, needless to say I have become the favourite “uncle”. The flavour is light and very creamy and a few marshmallows on top will not go amiss.

At R3.70/cup for a fantastic hot chocolate that all you need do is add water is a steal.

I have to say that the 3 in 1 is so convenient and such a treat that you will really want to try them, so look out for them in your local supermarket. Check out the Enrista website for some interesting facts about coffee.