I was sent a package containing bags of the 4 different Enrista Cappuccino sachets to try out and asked everyone in the office to taste them and give some feedback which resulted in the following reviews.

You must check out their website, it’s a work of art and gives you all the coffee facts and product info you will need. http://www.enrista.co.za or pop in to their facebook page, they have regular contests. http://www.facebook.com/cafeEnrista

Clinton reckons they are fantastic and really enjoyed the sweetened Cappuccino.

Scott also liked the stronger version in the unsweetened version (he thinks he’s dieting and every morning tells us “it’s gone” while patting his stomach)

Marinda, Trish and Cassandra liked the Decaf and the light versions saying the creamy topping is superb and so much better than their usual morning coffee which is a pretty good coffee I must say!

Here is my review: I liked the unsweetened original stronger cappuccino because I like my coffee sweet and have to say the topping is really creamy. I found myself drinking in as much of the creaminess as possible with the first few sips. For me the light is not strong enough but then I like my coffee nice and strong. The Decaf I also enjoyed but have to say, decaf and coffee should just not go in the same sentence!

You have to read Rozanne’s review, I asked her how she liked them and this is what I got back from her, a copywriter in the making I tell you.

Rozanne clearly loved them!

For those of you who, like me, enjoy the finer things in life then Cafe Enrista is just for you! Who needs a regular cup of coffee when you can, just as easily, have deliciously creamy cappuccinos?

Not only do these magical sachets turn my dreary mornings right around, but the different types of cappuccinos make them perfect for everyone (including you!).

My personal favorite is the original, sweetened cappuccino. It’s not too strong, just perfect. The layer of foam is gloriously thick and after taking your first sip, you’ll strongly resemble Santa Clause! I’ve always been a person with a sweet tooth, that’s why I love the sweetened cappuccino (you can’t get more convenient than that!).

Sometimes (around bikini season) I like to stay away from the sweet stuff. Once again, Enrista to the rescue. The UNsweetened cappuccino is just as marvelous as the sweetened, but the distinct and dangerously delicious taste of coffee is more evident.

For those of you who aren’t so keen on the strong stuff, the Lite cappuccino is just for you. It does not mean “Light” as is fat free, but rather weaker, creamier and more milky. I’m a bit of a cappuccino addict, so this is not my cup of tea (pun intended) although, my gran seems to love it!

We all love a good cappuccino after a meal. But, many of us neglect our cravings at night time. Never fear, Enrista is here! The blue sachets contain the contents of the perfect decaf cappuccino. Now, my family and I can all sit together after dinner and enjoy the yumminess of Cafe Enrista.

PS – it’s so good, I even caught my housekeeper sneaking some out the kitchen cupboard!