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Cookbook & cafe Enrista Cappuccino giveaway – Competition closed |

In celebration of Christmas, Cookbook and cafe Enrista would like to present to you the Enrista Cappuccino contest. From the house of café Enrista comes the brand new Cappuccino product to pamper you . Blended with the same perfection creating every cup as the perfect cup , the Enrista Cappuccino is not only about convenience but also about luxury , relaxation and reward. 5 Exclusive cappuccino hampers including a specially branded Café Enrista coffee mug can be won, as well as one entrant will win a year’s supply of Café Enrista products.

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Country: South Africa

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What makes you smile on the inside ? (required)

Post a photo with Enrista Cappuccino to Win a Years Supply of Enrista (optional)

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7 Responses to “Cookbook & cafe Enrista Cappuccino giveaway – Competition closed”

  1. Bev du Toit says:

    My daily cup of love _ feels good!

  2. JKA Holland says:

    The Smile on the inside

    Warm coffee that never ends
    A hug from all my friends
    A cat that softly purrs
    A dog with wagging tail

    A new born baby’s smile
    A letter from a friend
    Grandparents, uncles and aunts
    And warm summer rain

    Perhaps the winter cold
    White snow upon the ground
    The green of starting spring
    And autumn colours bold

    So what brings the smile inside?
    The babys, the purrs the wags
    The family, seasons and friends
    Perhaps all, and Enrista that never ends!

  3. Barry says:

    A day without Enrista is like a year without spring.

  4. Fia lottering says:

    I really feel enriched with a cup of enrista

  5. Salome Meyer says:

    Cuppacino is tops and a pleasure to share with others.

  6. Sonja Strauss says:

    Always a pleasure to share a cuppa!

  7. JKA Holland says:

    My entry

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