Eton mess

Meringue, strawberries and cream are about as good a summer dessert as you will get and this recipe takes so little effort to prepare you will hardly believe it. It is a traditional English dessert recipe that is usually made with raspberries but strawberries work for me. In fact you could use any fresh fruit or berries like gooseberries or peach slices for example, the result is always the same… silence at the table after the first mouthful or two and then endless compliments. (6-8 servings)

What you need

2 egg whites
100g caster sugar
150ml double cream
150g white chocolate chopped into small pieces
200g plain full cream yoghurt
350g fresh strawberries

The process

Firstly make the ganache by adding 1/2 the cream to a sauce pan and heating until it begins to bubble on the edges. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate. stir gently to melt the chocolate. Add the rest of the cream and with a beater on medium beat until it the ganache forms a soft peak when the beaters are removed. Set aside

Now heat your oven 140 Celsius, line a baking sheet with baking paper and make the meringue. Beat the egg whites in a large bowl until stiff peaks form. To test, if you turn the bowl upside down the egg mixture does not slip out. Now add the caster sugar in 3 batches and whick into the egg whites until the mixture is smooth and glossy. Take a dessert spoon and place spoonfulls of the mixture on the baking sheet, pop in the oven for about an hour or until crisp but still pale. Remove and allow them to cool.

Now for the final bit, add the yoghurt to the ganache and mix together with a metal spoon. You don’t need to mix it in if you know what I mean, just distribute the yoghurt evenly. ( imagine you will get a little of the sweet chocolate and then also a little of the yoghurt taste)

Break up the meringues into a large serving bowl, add the strawberries and the ganache mixture and turn it as if you were gently tossing a salad. Serve immediately.

It’s just so fantastic I can taste it while I’m typing.

To make the dessert a little fancier, you can simply structure each bowl with a whole meringue or two, a few strawberries and a lashing of ganache.