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Quick cassata |

cassata ice creamThis is a wonderful dessert which can be used as an impressive end to a very important dinner, a kids birthday party or as a dessert for the family.

All it really is, is ice cream with all sorts of goodies in it, sometimes in layers sometimes not, sometimes with different flavors in layers or the same flavor with layers of different goodies.

I really love it with a little raspberry coolie or any fruit coolie really.
How to make it.


Buy a tub of your favorite ice cream, leave it out to soften a little. Soft enough for you to be able to mix with a wooden spoon. (Always buy a good full cream ice cream, this is not for weight watchers)

Chop up dried fruit like glace cherries and raisins into small pieces. If you like nuts, add chopped almonds and a few biscuits cut into small pieces, shortbread is great and add turkish delight for a little mystery. Add to the softened ice cream and mix well.

Pour into a Clingfilm lined bread tin or a loaf shaped dish that can be put into the freezer. Smooth over the top, and if you want to, add a layer of a different flavor plain ice cream and cover with Clingfilm. Place into the freezer until hard again.

Each slice is so impressive and when you drizzle with a little fruit coolie you will have them all mightily impressed.

For a kids party add Astros, smarties, chopped up crunchie, chopped up chocolate of any kind and you will have the kids and the adults coming back for more.

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10 Responses to “Quick cassata”

  1. Noleen says:

    Hi there
    I made something similar to this years ago – probably found the recipe in a magazine or something. I remember mixing the ice-cream with condensed milk and i was just wondering what the purpose of that could’ve been? Will it be just as good without?

    • Graham says:

      Hi Noleen, who could not love condensed milk.. It would add flavour is all and be less sweet without, Delicious days G

  2. Marcelle says:

    Love your recipes for ice cream and will be trying the yogurt one as it is exactly what I have been looking for .

    Have you however ,also a recipe for plain vanilla ice cream using an ice cream maker .I got one for Christmas and dont like the recipes that came with it .They are so complicated.
    Thank you ,

  3. barbara says:

    Mmmmm …..sounds wonderful. What a broken peanut brittle and a swirl of caramel delight/chocolate through the layers, place in the freezer, when set,scoop the ice cream with an ice cream scoop,(making individual scoops) place this into an ice bucket, freeze again till ready to serve with sprigs of mint as decoration (with fruit coolies of course) Divine!!!

    • Graham says:

      Got my mouth watering thats for sure. Fruit coolies are great.. and well, peanut brittle is always around at my place. G

    • barbara says:

      G …. HELP please I have been delegated the duty of making the desert for the kids for a HUGE family gathering. I thought about making the casata with the crunchies etc. how do I go about the fruit coolies. I have to make an impression here ….

      • Graham says:

        Hey thats sound like fun.. Coulis are very simple, take about 1kg of berries, any berries like raspberries, strawberries etc.. blitz them in a blender until smooth and then place a sieve over a bowl, pour in the mixture and press through the sieve with a spoon, taste and add caster sugar to taste. have a great time. G

  4. Graham says:

    Hi Liesel, This is a cheats cassata but I tell you it’s as good as any. Add whatever takes your fancy, just be a little careful with the liquer… Not too much now! Its the perfect Christmas dessert for us in warm climates.

  5. LIESL says:

    Looks easy enough, but what I am actually looking for is a cassata recipe with toastes almonds and amaretto liquer, maraschino cherries, coated with chocolate. I have my heart set on this dessert for Christmas lunch.

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