cassata ice creamThis is a wonderful dessert which can be used as an impressive end to a very important dinner, a kids birthday party or as a dessert for the family.

All it really is, is ice cream with all sorts of goodies in it, sometimes in layers sometimes not, sometimes with different flavors in layers or the same flavor with layers of different goodies.

I really love it with a little raspberry coolie or any fruit coolie really.
How to make it.


Buy a tub of your favorite ice cream, leave it out to soften a little. Soft enough for you to be able to mix with a wooden spoon. (Always buy a good full cream ice cream, this is not for weight watchers)

Chop up dried fruit like glace cherries and raisins into small pieces. If you like nuts, add chopped almonds and a few biscuits cut into small pieces, shortbread is great and add turkish delight for a little mystery. Add to the softened ice cream and mix well.

Pour into a Clingfilm lined bread tin or a loaf shaped dish that can be put into the freezer. Smooth over the top, and if you want to, add a layer of a different flavor plain ice cream and cover with Clingfilm. Place into the freezer until hard again.

Each slice is so impressive and when you drizzle with a little fruit coolie you will have them all mightily impressed.

For a kids party add Astros, smarties, chopped up crunchie, chopped up chocolate of any kind and you will have the kids and the adults coming back for more.